Kunal Panchal

Software Engineer

Building amazing products and softwares


SitAby Posture Proctor (3648/DEL/2015)‚Äč is a Internet Of Things based portable posture proctor that is connected to an mobile, that uniquely identifies the postures and keeps your data updated in the cloud. It also generates alerts to alert the user to correct his posture.This product won the Infymakers award 2016 by Infosys.


SitAby, the device itself has an array of censors which is then sent to arduino and then further transmitted to the mobile device via the bluetooth module (HC-05) . On the backend an Express/Node.js app lives on a AWS instance that acts as a middleware to accept data, populate the analytics and return the information to the frontend App.

Social network

At Terribly Tiny Tales I work on building a social network for people who love to read and write tales.


The app & its backend is built using Top Notch, sassy tech stack.


Outgrow is a growth marketing platform focused on increasing customer engagement and boosting demand generation through highly converting calculators & viral quizzes. As a part of outgrow team, I worked as a Full stack developer and got chance to get my hands dirty with AWS.


Outgrow is built using Angular 5. On the backend Outgrow uses an Express/Node.js which is deployed on a aws instance, and uses mongodb as the database.

Culture Inshorts

Culture Inshorts is an application made for Great Place to Work which is used as a medium to serve the latest practices to all its users.


The app & its backend is built using MEAN stack.

Disguised Encrypter

Designed & Developed a native android application which is a AES 256 bit encrypter with a disguise as that of a Material designed calculator. The app enables user to use it as a simple calculator, save secret notes and also has an option for dynamic time pin.


Nothing fancy here. Disguised Encrypter is build using native android, in Android Studio.

Open source tools


Secure-env is a module that loads environment variables from a .env.enc file.A encryption tool that would helps you prevent attacks from npm-malicious-packages.


Simple url shortener using hashing.

Node API Generator

A Node.JS API generator similar to that of express-generator.Has a generalised structure and can be used to manage several versions of API all together.It provides a advanced Boilerplate code using MongoDB,Express.

Tools that make my life easy-peasy

*Also love doodling, watching movies and browsing youtube...

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